MMB Drives Company has experience in the implementation of contracts associated with:
  • mass production, including execution of orders on the control card MCIB CONTROL BOARD 4000 and 7000 HVIO Control Board, and control panels for oil pump drives for the company Al Khorayef from Saudi Arabia,
  • limited production, including execution of orders on digital controllers DC series DML-II and the latest series of DML-V MMB for use in mine hoisting machines for Opa-Row Limited Liability Company from Rybnik and Apator Control Torun,
  • modernization drives, read more about the modernization drive of the centrifuge quark TYPE DSC-1 (in Polish),
  • the development of prototype industrial drive solutions according to customer specifications and research positions and diagnostic,
  • installation and starting at the buyer wind power plants, water and photovoltaic plants with MMB inverters.
The result of the company's own research is to develop and start limited production of digital control systems replacing analog control in thyristor inverters manufactured by DML Apator Control. These systems have been used in dozens of DC drive systems for special applications with power ratings from 30 kW to 500 kW, and has recently been used to drive the modernization of lifts mining of 2.5 MW in the mines, among others Pniowek Mine, Wieczorek Mine and Bogdanka Mine.
The MMB Drives Company regularly sells voltage inverters with bidirectional energy flow MMB010 (10kW) and MMB040 (40kW) to manufacturers of wind turbines in Poland, France and Italy, and individual owners of small wind turbines in Poland and Europe.
MMB Drives Company executes individual orders for the production of new and modernization of old converters drive systems Low Voltage and Medium Voltage . The recipients of MMB products , among other companies, are Elgór & Hansen Ltd., Military Aviation Plant No. 2 in Bydgoszcz, Baltur Alexander Okrój , Enwia , Infracorr , Polbud , Hydromega , as well as technical universities abroad, including Texas A & M University at Qatar (several research positions with propulsion) and in Poland : Technical University of Lodz , Technical University in Poznan , Czestochowa University of Technology , Technical University of Gdansk , Wroclaw University of Technology , Maritime Academy in Gdynia, Maritime University in Szczecin, University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz.

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