SH363 Controller with Digital Signal Processor ADSP-21363

Technical specification:
  • Processor: Floating-point ADSP21363 (3 Mb SRAM, 333 MHz, 666 MIPS, 2GFLOPS).
  • Programmable Logic Unit: FPGA - CYCLONE II EP2C8F256 (8256 LEs, multipliers x 18, 2 x PLL, RAM 165,888kb, 182 I/O).
  • Real-time clock: PCF8583.
  • External memory: FLASH AM29LV081B (8Mb), MRAM MR2A16A (4Mb), EEPROM 24FC515 (512kb), SD or SDMicro Card.
  • Communication interfaces: JTAG or isolated USB and RS232.
  • Digital inputs/outputs: 76, freely configurable in the FPGA arrangement.
  • Software necessary for full programming of the controller: QUARTUS II, Visual DSP++ ver. 4.0 or higher.
Download the brochure: SH363 Controller

Technical Informations and orders:

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