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MMB Drives Ltd was founded in 2004 as a "spin-off" by staff and graduate students of the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering Gdansk University of Technology to commercialize the results of research and targeted projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, implemented in a team led by Prof. Zbigniew Krzeminski, PhD DSc.


Prof. Zbigniew Krzeminski, PhD DSc.
Chairman of the Board

Prof. Zbigniew Krzeminski has been CEO of MMB Drives Ltd since 2004. Professor of the Technical University of Gdansk, Head of the Department of Electrical Drives Automation at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation PG.
Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czestochowa. In 1987, on IFAC Congress published author's method of electric drives called multiscalar control.
In 1999, he patented system allowing the observer to control motors without having to install speed sensors and then in the book 'Digital control of asynchronous machines' published author sensorless control theory. In 1998 - 2000 he served as a consultant in the AVK - SEG Kempen producing wind generation systems with doubly fed induction generators. Methods of multiscalar control and sensorless control developed by Prof. Krzeminski's team have been used in the propulsion of induction motor and a permanent magnet motor. Prof. Krzeminski has been leading the implementation and putting propulsion systems and converters for wind power plants with multiscalar control and observers speed on the market since 2004. He is the promoter for 14 doctorates, three of doctorates were habilitated.


MMB Drives Ltd is a fully organized (full accounting, warehouse and staff) design and manufacturing micro-enterprise, having 11 years of experience in conducting research and development and implementation projects of advanced technologies (Hi-Tech). MMB Drives Ltd has a highly qualified, research and scientific experienced staff with experience in carrying out implementation work in Poland and abroad (Europe and Africa), including workers with doctoral degrees and the registration and conferment procedure for a doctoral degree. MMB Drives employees are actively involved in research and have significant achievements of book publications, publications in foreign journals (IEEE Transactions series), national journals (eg Electrical Review) and conference materials. For the realization of individual works and tasks MMB Drives company also conclude a contract for a specific task or fee-for-task agreement with research workers, including workers with scientific, technical and engineering degrees. At MMB Drives there are the following sections:
  • Construction Department Converters, in which mechanical design and construction of low inductive plate -type connections BUS -BAR, design, installation, commissioning and testing of converters, CAD software, Altium Designer work is performed.
  • Department of Software Engineering, in which digital signal processors, ARM processors, FPGA's systems using Visual DSP, Borland Builder are programmed , and application development in C, C + +, are formed.
  • R & D Department, deals with the development of concepts for new systems, the development of new control methods and their verification using simulation software and testing on laboratory models.
  • Magazine is conducted with using warehouse software.
In addition, MMB Drives Ltd takes an active part in the life science community, including products presentation, an offer for technical university laboratories, presentations at IEEE Compatibility and Power Electronics CPE2007conference and National Conference on Science and Technology SENE, 2009 in Lodz.
Fig. 1. R & D Department and Software Department employees at the moment of starting up of the modular inverter 600kW 3.3kV with the isolation realized using high-frequency transformers in the dc-link to power medium voltage variable speed drives.


Cooperation with the Technical University of Gdansk allows the use of the solutions offered by MMB Drives advanced technologies based on the latest generation of digital signal processors and programmable logic systems, including ADSP 21363 processor and the FPGA Cyclone II. Advanced electronics enables the use in the propulsion system algorithms developed with using non-linear estimation and control variables using the original, patented observers. Methods are used to control via neural networks, fuzzy logic, sliding control and optimization using genetic algorithms. Control systems are equipped with user-friendly interface with the ability to control the Internet.

Among the most important achievements and results of the MMB Drives research - scientific employees should be mentioned the patents and patent applications:
  • Patent No 205113 'Method for contactless current measurement.
  • Patent Application No PL375767 'Method of estimation of the state variables of the induction motor, especially designed for sensorless control systems.
  • Patent Application No PL377667 'Method of estimation of load torque of induction motor.
And scientific publications - in collaboration with the staff of the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering Gdansk University of Technology:
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