Development and implementation
    of voltage source inverters for speed-sensorless controlled
    induction motor drives

Project of the Innovation Centre NOT No ROW-III-206/2012

The aim of the project was to carry out industrial research, design and implementation of a production series of voltage source inverters for induction motor drives operating without speed sensor. Induction motors are sensorless controlled, using the original method of inducion motor speed and state estimation, which so far has been implemented in costly and complex systems with digital signal processors (DSPs) and separate analog-to-digital converters. Innovation of the design is the result of the use of the latest ARM processors with the CPU executing floating point operations. These processors also feature built-in controls peripherals necessary to control induction motors and communication with the operator and external systems.

Fig.1. ARM STM32F407 processor applied in MMB0XXD-type voltage source inverters developed in the project.

Fig.2. The MMB011D series voltage source converter for 11 kW variable speed drives.

Fig.3. Power circuit of the MMB037D series voltage source converter for 37 kW variable speed drives

Fig.4. Front view of the MMB011D series voltage source inverter developed in the project.

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